Kevin Nash Thanks The Fans + Is Scott Hall Still Sober?


— Kevin Nash tweeted the following regarding the tremendous fan support for Scott Hall:

“The wrestling fan is the world’s strongest support base.Your outreach for Scott is amazing.Thank you for helping Scott to a 100% recovery”

Speaking of Scott Hall, he is 43 days sober today and is still staying at DDP’s “Accountability Crib”. He has no plans to leave and is doing great. DDP, Scott and Jake wake up every morning and eat a healthy breakfast. The three of them then do “DDP Yoga”. As of this writing on Monday morning, DDP has raised $46,632 of the $80,000 needed after just three days. Page has promised that he will handle the donated money in order to make sure it goes to what is being asked for. If you wish to donate, you can do so at this link. The donations do have reward levels similar to how Kickstarter works.

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— Cody Rhodes sent out the following TOUT video where he’s training for tonight’s RAW match with The New Age Outlaws:

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