Kevin Nash: Triple H Beating Undertaker Is Bad For Business


Kevin Nash told the UK Sun the following about why Triple H ending The Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania 28 this Sunday would be a bad idea.

“End of an Era…I’ve been thinking about the “speaking in code” that Shawn Michaels alluded to last week…If the WWE did have HHH end the Streak, what’s the bragging point since it took him three tries? There’s no bragging point, and it doesn’t do anything for business…It wouldn’t be good for business at all. It’d be like, yeah HHH ended it, but it took him three tries…Big deal. How does that impact the business to the good side?

“Most people would automatically point to the fact that he’s married to Stephanie, and didn’t do it because he deserved it…They could see through the facade WWE [would] have to build for it. I could already hear the bullshit chants from the more seasoned fans if they did that.

“In all honesty, at this point in time, the only one that deserves to end the Streak, is Taker himself by hanging it up when he chooses…In other words, he retires undefeated at Mania.”

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