Kevin Nash Wants To Work With CM Punk & More


Kevin Nash was recently interviewed by the UK Sun, here are the highlights…

On Working With CM Punk: “I’d still like to do something with CM Punk in the future. I think we’ve got a chapter that’s still open. Originally it was going to be me and Punk, but it turned out to be me and Hunter. I knew that I wasn’t allowed to go off the script in those promos. I think he had a little more leeway than I did. I came in as a heel. I didn’t ask the people to look at me in any way as a tweener. My job was to come in and be a heel. I think I did my job well. I didn’t look for any kind of admiration from the fans. My job wasn’t to be funny, it was to be a nemesis, and that’s what I did.”

On His Place in Wrestling: “I’ve had my run. At this point if I can do something to assist somebody to bring them up a rung on the ladder and make the perception that they are a bigger star than they are or give them a little bit of a bump to make sure they become a bigger star, that’s my job now. My job’s not to be a world champion. I can’t go out there and work 300 days a year, and if you can’t work 300 days a year you can’t be in that spot. I’m a realist. I know my days are numbered in this business, but I think I’ll always be a part of it. There’s nothing that defines me more than professional wrestling. I still love it.”

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