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Kevin Owens Comments On How Much Fun He’s Having In WWE These Days, More



During an appearance on the “Cheap Heat with Peter Rosenberg” podcast earlier this week, WWE Superstar commented on how much fun he’s having in WWE these days, his WWE contract, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On how much fun he’s having in WWE right now: “It’s kind of really hard to put into words. You know, it’s hard to keep perspective about what we do and what it should truly be about in the end. I’ve said this in other interviews, I used to have a real issue with not living in the moment and always wanting more and what’s next because I think that’s also what keeps you a top performer is always having what’s next, or the future in mind or whatever, you know, to make sure everything you’re doing is always relevant and always good. But in that, I really didn’t enjoy a lot of moments as much as I should have. So I’ve learned really to take a step back and live in those moments. And then when I look back on my career in WWE, I’m honestly in awe of the things I’ve gotten to do, the stuff I’ve experienced, the people I’ve gotten to work with.”

On his current WWE contract: “So now, as I enter — I have two years left on my current contract, and you know, I don’t see another reason why I wouldn’t sign another one when it’s done because I don’t feel like I’m anywhere near done, but who knows what can happen, right? But at this stage in my career, I just really want to have fun and make sure I’m still putting out memorable stuff for people watching, but man, I look back at the career I had and if it all ended tomorrow, it would be hard to have any kind of regret because I’ve really done some incredible stuff. I’ve been very lucky to do what I’ve done and you know, like I said, every other show, every other thing I get to experience is a bonus because I’m not really sure how I can have a better career than I’ve had already. That’s not me tapping myself on the back. I’m just saying I’ve been very fortunate.”

On getting called up to the main roster for his feud with John Cena: “I remember vividly Triple H telling me on the afternoon of an NXT show that we had in Philly that I was gonna start on Monday on Raw, and I was getting called up, and that was it for me in NXT, and I was gonna start with Cena. And I was like, ‘Oh, whoa. That was quick.’ Somehow, I really can’t tell you how, but I already knew that’s how it was going to happen. I knew it was going to be that quick. I remember telling my wife, we moved to Florida for NXT, and that was a difficult thing to do. We had a three-year-old daughter at the time, and our son was only six, and it was taking them away from our family who was back in Canada. It was very tricky. And I remember telling her, ‘Just give me six months from the moment I show up on NXT, and I’m going to get to the main roster, and we can move back.’ And that seemed a very unattainable goal, and that’s exactly what happened, and I don’t know how. Maybe I manifested it, I don’t really know.”

On working with Cena: “Seeing the passion of a guy who at that point didn’t need to be as passionate as he was for this. He was already on the cusp of doing his stuff in Hollywood. He was already the biggest face in the company. And he showed up at every live event and really gave it his all. And if he wasn’t in the ring, he was at the monitor watching the show. I saw in John Cena what I was myself, but I saw it at a level, ‘This guy does not need to be doing any of this,’ he just wants to do it. And that was really cool. And now it’s all coming back around, and now we get to team on SmackDown, the last SmackDown of the year. It’s again just another thing I can add to list of experiences that I’ve had in WWE that are surreal, and that I’m so thankful for.”

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