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Kevin Owens Discusses His Long Running Storyline With Chris Jericho & What’s Next For Him


During a recent appearance on The Steve Austin Show, Kevin Owens discussed his long running storyline with Chris Jericho. You can read some highlights below:

On being distracted by Jericho: “Once I took that title, I feel like I’ve got sidetracked with Chris and it was more about being entertaining and being funny and kind of popping each other and entertaining each other, just seeing how much fun we could have every Monday night, which is important in what we do, but there’s also a side of what we do where at one point you’ve got to get serious and get your head where it needs to be. And I feel as Universal Champion, I haven’t done that yet. And with Goldberg coming after me; you’ve got Brock Lesnar here every week, almost, now; and I went through Seth Rollins; I went through Roman Reigns; But there [are] a lot of other people coming for that title and I think it was time to get rid of the distraction.”

On not needing Jericho’s help: “I think so because, like I said, I probably, without that distraction, I would’ve been in a different mindset and I would’ve been at a different level as far as my in-ring competition and my in-ring skills. But, I mean, I’ve always believed in myself, quite frankly, and believed in my abilities. Like I said, Chris was a distraction. It just had to happen and it happened. And, if I do say so myself, what a moment. I’m sure Chris would probably disagree.”

On going back to being himself: “I will say that it had to happen and it was a long time coming. I feel like, just on my end, regardless of why, as far as the relationship that Chris and I had, I feel like I’ve been, ever since I won the Universal Championship, I’ve really haven’t been myself and I got here by being myself for 16 years.”

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