Kevin Owens On Brock Lesnar Staying In WWE, NXT, Adam Cole & More


NXT Champion Kevin Owens was on CBS Radio’s The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show to promote WWE’s WrestleMania 31. He spoke about Brock Lesnar, NXT and more.

Steen on Brock Lesnar staying with WWE: “As a fan him, re-signing is incredibly exciting. As a competitor, it’s even better because of the chance of getting to be in that ring with him one day is something that motivates me. I’ve been a Brock Lesnar fan since the first time I saw him. I was there when he made his debut in Montreal, the night after WrestleMania 18 and from the get go I was like, ‘this guy’s awesome.’ I even named my dog Brock as a tribute, whatever you wanna call it, so I’m a big fan of his. The fact that he’s gonna be sticking around here for a while and gonna do great things with WWE is exciting all around but yeah I’d love to be in the ring with him.”

Steen on who he would like to see join NXT: “I feel like Adam Cole would be a great addition to NXT, a guy like Cedric Alexander also would be really good but they’d all have to come through me first and that won’t work out that good. I’m open to a challenge from anyone, including Samoa Joe, I’ll just put that one out there.”

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