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NewsKevin Owens Reacts To Randy Orton & CM Punk’s WWE TV Returns

Kevin Owens Reacts To Randy Orton & CM Punk’s WWE TV Returns



At this past Saturday night’s WWE Survivor Series 2023 pay-per-view event, Randy Orton and CM Punk both made their returns to WWE TV.

During a recent interview with James Williams, “KO” gave his thoughts on the returns of both Orton and Punk.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On Randy Orton’s return: “I love Randy. I’m so happy he’s back and he’s much-needed. To me, having him around in the locker room is an absolute positive. Besides the fact that he’s a fantastic performer and he’s a legend, there’s some people that are just good to have around. He’s good to have around. He’s good for the morale. There are people now, which is what I love about our locker room currently, that are leaders without saying, ‘I’m a leader.’ They don’t need to [say it], they just are. Randy’s one of them, so when he’s around, everybody just steps up their game just because Randy Orton is here, and I love it.”

On CM Punk returning to WWE: “I just want to have fun at work, so if he’s got that mindset, great.”

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