Kevin Owens Talks What Changes he Would Make to WWE TV Product


WWE SmackDown Superstar Kevin Owens gave his take on the changes that he would make to the current television product that is presented by WWE during his recent interview with Scott Fishman of

Owens, who is slated to challenge Kofi Kingston for the WWE Title at Money in the Bank, had the following to say:

“I think a good idea would be to implement these incredible pieces on everyone that have ended up on YouTube,” he said. “The digital team is so great, they are unsung heroes. These guys create these incredible pieces on people and characters, they put them on YouTube, and they are so good. The same thing with the Network, like with WWE 24 and 365 or Chronicle. I feel like we should implement these concepts and put them on TV because they would make for great television and complement our TV shows well. I’d like to see that happen moving forward.”

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