Kevin Owens Thanks WWE’s Backstage Staff For Everything They Do


Kevin Owens shared a video message today on his Twitter, paying tribute to the WWE production crew and behind-the-scenes staff for making their events possible. You can see the clip and read Owens’ comments below:

“I’m actually here because on Sunday, I was in my pod during my Chamber match, and I was waiting for my turn to join the match, and I started looking around at the Chamber itself. And I started thinking about how massive of an undertaking it must be to build that thing and put it together and even just get it in the building. And the logistics behind it and all the insane work that must go into just getting that done.

But then I started thinking beyond that and looking at the ThunderDome and all the screens and the lighting rig, and then, I started thinking about how there are people out there that work behind the scenes of WWE that work so incredibly hard to make all of this happens several times a week because we produce a lot of television on a weekly basis. And so that we can go out there and entertain everyone.

And we get the credit. But the people behind the scenes, they really don’t get enough credit. So, this is video is basically just to say thank you to all those people, everyone from the production crew to the camera people, the stage managers, the catering crew, the guys in the truck, the girls in the trucks, just anybody that works behind the scenes of WWE.

I wish I could name you all, but I can’t because this video would be an hour long if I did. But if you work behind the scenes of WWE, I hope you see this because this is about you. I think I speak for every single WWE Superstar when I say thank you to each of you. We appreciate what you do, and we wouldn’t be here without you guys. So once again, thank you.”

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