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NewsKevin Owens Weighs in on Modern 'Sensitivity' Culture

Kevin Owens Weighs in on Modern ‘Sensitivity’ Culture



Recently, well appearing on Lilian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast, Kevin Owens opened up about how he feels about today’s society.

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Kevin admitted that he disagrees with the common thought that society today is too sensitive and feels that we should have always been this way:

“I remember what the world used to be like. Even 15 years ago, 10 years ago, and it’s mind-blowing. And you know I’ll often hear people say ‘oh, the world’s too sensitive now’ and that people get offended too easily and this and that. But I actually kind of disagree. If anything I think now it is better than it’s ever been. Because that’s probably how we should have always been. Because even when I was coming up in wrestling. I would hear people. use terms that if they used today they would see you know and I, dare I say, I’ve used those terms too and I’m ashamed of it.
“But back then, it wasn’t even a second thought that it mattered. Right. But my God, it did. Of course, it did. And you only realize this now. I guess part of its maturity right? Now, I’m 35. I’m not a dumb ass 20-year-old kid but I should have known better back then too. But society has evolved to the point where now we know better.”

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