Kevin Owens’ Wife Responds to Infidelity Reports on Her Husband


As reported over the weekend here on eWn, numerous reports surfaced that WWE RAW and SmackDown! Live announcer Corey Graves was involved in an alleged affair with WWE women’s wrestler Carmella. His wife of 11+ years, Amy Polinsky, commented on the alleged affair between Graves and Carmella on her social media (Instagram) over the weekend but she would often delete her posts just several hours after posting them. Nonetheless, multiple screenshots and the videos she posted were saved by fans and have made their way online.

With that being said, a user on Reddit going by the name of “Deanot914” posted the following on Sunday. “I’m not surprised as most wrestlers cheat on the road, look at Randy Orton, Kevin Owens, John Cena, Bray Wyatt, etc… I’m surprised at Carmella, you would think it would’ve been Mandy Rose he cheated with.”

Kevin “Owens” Steen’s wife, Karina, responded to the post with the following: “Keep my husbands name out of your garbage post. You don’t know sh-t”

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