Kevin Steen Hypes ROH ‘Best In The World’ + A Preview


— ROH World Champion Kevin Steen joined Busted Open with Dave Lagreca and Doug Mortman. You can hear Busted Open from 2-4 ET on Sirius 94, XM 208, and Sportszone 860 on the internet.

Kevin Steen on the problems ROH has had with IPPV: I’m going to take a shot at Ring of Honor here and their production. But who is going to do anything about it? If you want to experience a Ring of Honor show as best as you can, you have to watch it live. Because if you watch it on IPPV or on DVD, the crowd seems silent with the shitty sound levels. You have to be there to see and hear what people do. Just feel the atmosphere. Especially when I am out there. I talk a lot and I say a lot of shit. To get the real 100 percent experience of my performance, you have to watch me live at least once. I don’t know how many people I have threatened in Toronto because of the issues with the IPPV. It’s upsetting and it’s crap. They need to get their shit together and again we have another one on Sunday. It comes down to getting your shit together and being able to deliver on your promise. I do what I promise every time. I go out there and kick ass and put my body on the line and put on a great show. It’s up to Ring of Honor management and Jim Cornette to provide the IPPV that they promised so that they can see me do my thing. That is how the company is going to grow because everybody is talking about wanting Ring of Honor to succeed. Well, how are we going to succeed if our fans pay and then don’t get to see the show? So I’m sure Jim Cornette is going to hear this, but I’ve told this to his face a million times. Get your shit together, pal!

Winning the ROH World title in Toronto: I would have loved if it had happened in New York. But Toronto has always been a special town for me because it is my home country. Toronto fans have always been amazing for ROH from the first time we ran a show there til now. They always come out in droves and they support the product. I feel to make the match with Davey Richards was the right call. I made sure Jim Cornette didn’t push back the match. I wanted it to happen in Toronto and thankful I was able to get it there, and to do what I promised to do and win the belt. I think that gave everyone in Toronto a nice little moment. It’s not everyday you see a ROH World title change. The last five happened in New York. So it’s nice to be able to break the mold and give it to fans that are just as loyal and just as hardcore for ROH and deserve to see it too.

Wrestling at the Hammerstein in NYC: Hammerstein is a special building because I used to watch ECW in that building. I used to watch PPVs from there. I always thought that building itself looked great. I remember when the WWE ran their One Night Stand there, I was in the crowd and some people spotted me on the PPV. That building leaves a special moment because the fans are always on fire. They have always been on fire for me. It’s New York City. It’s a wrestling town. People know their stuff there. It means a lot when they are behind me. When I wrestled Steve Corino at Final Battle it was special because he was an ECW World champion in Hammerstein. That was such an amazing moment. Hammerstein has a life of its own.

What are his future aspirations?: A lot of people ask me that and I don’t give them an answer, just because I don’t have aspirations. I take it day by day and I go where the road leads me. Right now I am ROH World champion and I want to make that as memorable as possible. Whenever that ends, then I will re-evaluate things as far as where I want to go. When I lost to El Generico at Final Battle 2010, they kind of considered my career over, but then a couple of weeks went by and then I decided to take things in a different direction. I made something happen. Now I am ROH World Champion eighteen months later. I never know where things are going to go and I don’t know where I am going to end up. Bu that keeps things exciting at the same time. I wish I could answer it better, but I have no idea.

— Here is another ROH “Best in the World” preview for this Sunday’s event at the Hammersterin Ballroom in New York City:

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