Kevin Von Erich Reacts To His Slammiversary Appearance


Kevin Von Erich posted the
following on his Facebook
commenting on appearing at TNA Slammiversary with his sons…

“What a great feeling to see your sons rise
to the occasion. The media blitz before the show, I watched the pressure build,
and build, I saw the pressure on the boys faces, I was nervous for them, even
though I’ve seen that look on my own face and on my brothers, they were tough,
and rather than be fearful, they trusted Him and attacked. That is what a Father
wants from his son, to do his best in the face of incredible odds. They had
their first real match, the pressure was on and they poured their guts into it.
From here they will grow, & experience things that will sharpen them, until
they are just like we were. That show was beautiful to me, the response from the
fans, awesome, and this first step by my sons is to be the first step into a
great new chapter in our lives. They didn’t step away they stepped up, and can
only go onward and upward from here. For sure I just had the best Father’s Day a
man could ask for.”

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