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Kia Stevens Talks Maintaining The Awesome Kong Image, AEW


All Elite Wrestling star Kia Stevens (better known as Awesome Kong) recently did an interview with WrestleZone to talk about several professional wrestling topics.

Here are the highlights:


Playing two different characters in professional wrestling and GLOW: “There are times where I’m not really as, I’ll say fun and flirty, on the red carpet or just in public or even on social media. It’s like people [will say] ‘Well you’re so different!’ and it’s as if I ruin Kong for them, if that makes sense. And I hate to ruin Kong for people, so it’s a balance I haven’t quite mastered yet. How to both be Kia Stevens in the outside world and to maintain that image of Kong.”

Positive atmosphere backstage in AEW: “So it really is a collaborative effort, because we all just want to give the people watching and even ourselves and each other things we haven’t seen before and chances to pop and to cheer and go ‘wow’. Because it’s so easy to go cynical when you’ve been in wrestling for so long, and we’re trying to break that down in a lot of people and have them enjoy it again.”

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