Killer Kross Says Adam Cole Promo Was ‘Bizarre’


Killer Kross departed from WWE late last year. He has since returned to MLW and made his NJPW debut losing to Minoru Suzuki. Although the former NXT Champion left the black and gold brand, he still looks back at one specific shoot promo.

In an interview with “The Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling,” Kross weighed in on Adam Cole’s infamous shoot promo he cut on him. Cole claimed Kross wouldn’t be much without his entrance. Kross revealed he got told the written promo “was unfinished.” He then explained the whole point was to make Cole look strong.

“He had hurt his wrist at the time or something, then he did the thing with Pat. They were like, ‘We need him in the fatal five-way because we’re going to lose you soon and we’d like you to go over clean on everybody, so you have clean kills on everybody going up. So this promo is really for him to look strong,’.”

Kross explained how he felt the whole promo almost ruined the mystique of the entrance. Although he understood the reasons, he believes the decision was still “bizarre.”

“But I thought, ‘That was a bizarre decision,’ because I was like, ‘There’s a million ways to make him look really strong in this promo, but there’s a lot of people that are going to check out of my presentation after he says this.”

Killer Kross remained on top of the NXT roster until his eventual call-up to RAW. He successfully retained the NXT Championship in a fatal-five-way match involving Cole. His final match as champion was against Samoa Joe at NXT TakeOver 36. Kross made his first appearance in a WWE video game with WWE 2K22.

Killer Kross departed from WWE late last year.

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