Killer Kross Says He’s Chatting With Everyone, Future With MLW


Free agent Killer Kross recently joined WrestlingINC’s WINCLY podcast to discuss a variety of topics.

On competing in MLW:

“I’ve been following MLW from their early stages and this was a company I was personally and professionally impressed by, because in my opinion the MLW operation is greater and larger than it initially was in the beginning. Just from being able to see the initial stages of growth to the current presentation, this is a testament to the hard work that people are putting in collectively. It’s inspiring. It shows that they have a lot of the right people in place to have something really interesting and enjoyable. Why wouldn’t you wanna be there?”

On what he’s looking for in a company:

“I think that from a professional standpoint I have something to offer them that they don’t have, and I say that respectfully, not in a derogatory manner; so I think I can contribute something very unique. I would like to be a part of a company or multiple companies that really have a long-term vision. Not just a speech or promo that they read off to everyone involved with the company, I want to be involved with people that really have an idea and a committed idea.

I stress committed – a committed idea to which direction they wanna go in and what they’re trying to do. That completely separates a professional company versus just a general company. That sounds like common sense but there are a lot of companies that don’t have that. At this stage of my life, I wanna do something like that and need to be working towards direction. MLW definitely has that direction.”

On his future after MLW:

“I don’t necessarily wanna elaborate too much on that but I will be at Fightland 100 percent. We’ll just see how that goes. I don’t have any trepidations about doing something long-term, but as of now I’m showing up to Fightland and bringing the best version of myself. It’s a case-by-case situation. Maybe somebody’s a father or mother and they require more time at home with their kids.

Maybe they have relatives they have to look after. Or maybe it’s a fellow who is later into his years and can’t keep up with 300 dates a year and has to scale it back. Maybe it’s someone who wants more than 300 dates a year. We see a wide array and range of work available right now in the industry. Some people want it all and some people want to be a team player and stick to one direction. I don’t think there’s any wrong way but wrestlers need to commit to what it is they wanna do.”

Killer Kross on reported meetings:

“Moments after it was announced that I was available, I had virtually every major company in the world reach out to me [including Triple H] so I’ve been chatting with everybody. My main focus right now is to get through January and then revisit some of those things that are out there.”

Killer Kross

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