Nikki Cross

Killian Dain Details Nikki Cross’ New Character


Big Damo, the man formerly known as Killian Dain and the real-life husband of Nikki Cross, has talked about her recent gimmick change. Cross, has recently been rechristened Nikki A.S.H (Almost a Superhero) and has ditched her usual ring attire in favour of a butterfly embroidered superhero costume.

Speaking on the It’s My House Podcast, Dain had this to say on Nikki Cross’ new gimmick:

“She has taken it like a duck to water with this new gimmick, and I’m really excited to see what happens next with it because she’s made this happen, and it started as a concept that took about six months to get fully organised and prepared and ready. And as soon as it was ready, as soon as the gear was in the mail it was go go go go and that’s one of the coolest parts of it. I know that they really enjoy it right now but listen in a year’s time, that could be very different. But I’m hoping we can get a couple of years out of this, because I think she’s brilliant for kids, I grew up loving the cartoon era of WWE, because you know those colourful characters are what drew me in and we need to think about the next generation, how do we get kids interested these days.”

Cross is currently set to be a participant in next weekend’s women’s Money in the Bank match.

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You can check out Killian Dain’s full interview below:

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