King Mo & SpikeTV At OVW Last Night, Hogan’s Sex Tape


— King Mo and Spike TV cameras were present at Wednesday night’s OVW TV taping in Louisville, KY. OVW is the official developmental territory for TNA and the tapings featured Doug Williams, Crimson, Rob Terry, Cliff Compton and Gut Check winners Taeler Hendrix, Alex Silva, and Sam Shaw.

— Hulk Hogan accidentally referred to Austin Aries as “the champ” on Twitter Wednesday. Hogan was announcing that Aries will appear at his beach shop grand-opening Saturday at 10:00AM in Clearwater Beach, Florida. Hogan, Aries, Abyss, Jeremy Borash and Jimmy Hart are scheduled to appear.

— Linda Hogan recently spoke about the Hulk Hogan sex tape and the timing of it. Here is what she had to say‚Ķ

“I feel there are a lot of holes in his story .As his wife and listening to all the stuff he’s been talking about, I differ with quite a few things. When we were married, he didn’t have an iPhone 3 and I don’t remember that ringtone at all, so that’s really interesting that he says that was six years ago.”

She also added that she saw a tape of Hogan’s affair with Heather “long before it became public this month.”

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