King Mo Wants The Tag-Team Titles, TNA vs. WWE


— The next hearing in the TNA lawsuit vs. WWE will be on July 12th at 9:30 AM. Jerry McDevitt has been approved to work as one of WWE’s attorneys on the case.

— TNA Knockouts Tag Champion ODB turns 34 today.

— In a recent interview with about his upcoming work in TNA. Here are the highlights…

On His Goals: “I want to be the first one-man tag team champion,” King Mo said. “I want to hold the TNA tag team title and I want the Bellator title simultaneously. That’s where I see myself being in a year.”

On His Style: “The trend isn’t high-flying stuff anymore. They want it to be more real now. More chain wrestling, telling a good story. You’re not going to see me out there doing five-star splashes and backflips. I’m a collegiate wrestler and an MMA fighter. I’m a former Olympic alternate. I know how to grapple. I’m going to stick with what I do, that’s MMA style and I’m not going to be crazy with it.”

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