Kinguin Prime Time Wrestling Features Santino Marella, Nick Aldis & More


Kinguin Prime Time Wrestling sent us a press release for their upcoming first-ever show in Poland, titled Kinguin Prime Time Wrestling #1 Revolucja gala. The inaugural Polish event will showcase multiple high octane fights featuring global wrestling stars from all over the world: Santino Marella, Nick Aldis, Chris Masters, Joe E. Legend, Axel Tischer (fka Alexander Wolfe) & more.

  • The event will be live on Saturday, October 9 at 19:00 CEST in Chorzów for fans to attend, and tickets can be bought here.

  • The gala will be broadcast for free on TVP Sport online platforms, Twitch, and local Polish TV channels.

Arkadiusz Pan Pawłowski, Founder of Prime Time Wrestling said: “We’re proud to be producing such a revolutionary event, showcasing some of the very best international wrestling talents and highlighting the vibrant wrestling scene right here in Poland. Kinguin is the perfect tag-team partner for the show, offering fans the chance to remember this historic wrestling event through minted NFT collectibles. We hope that viewers at home, and in the audience, enjoy watching the show as much as we enjoyed organising it.”

The card has yet to be fully announced, but more details are likely to be made in the Friday press conference. This is what we know so far:

  • There will be a battle royale featuring 11 wrestlers, with a mystery guest.
  • Nick Aldis will take on his NWA rival Chris Masters.
  • There will be a tag team encounter featuring Santino Marella & Disco Pablo vs. The Syrius of Heritage & Marius Al-Ani (the current wXw Unified World Champion).
  • Alexander Wolfe (Axel Tischer) will fight Robert Star.
  • Trybson will be involved. He was a popular MMA fighter in Poland with a record of 7-3-0.

We thank Kinguin & Prime Time Wrestling for reaching out to us, and hope they have fun producing a show for wrestling’s Polish fans on Saturday.

Kinguin Prime Time

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