Kofi Kingston Comments On The Return Of Live Crowds, Big E.’s MITB Briefcase Win, More


During a recent interview with The Dallas Morning News, WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston commented on the return of live crowds, Big E. winning the Money in the Bank briefcase, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On the return of live crowds: “Man, so, so excited. It’s been so long since we’ve actually had fans consistently. We had a little taste of it at WrestleMania, and that was great. But now we’re going to have it consistently. … The way that the WWE product is supposed to be consumed is in front of a live crowd because we feed off that energy and vice-versa. … Like I said, it’s been way too long. Everybody has been starving. People have been starving for this live entertainment in the WWE ring and we’ve been starving for the people. So, everybody is going to come to Money in the Bank and we’re all going to eat.”

His thoughts on being WWE champion with Big E as the Money in the Bank holder: “Yeah, that would be the best kind of world. Both of us being at the top of our game, you know. We both have huge mountains to climb, and a lot of people like yourself want to try and drive that wedge … you’re trying to find a crack in the foundation, trying to drive the wedge. I know what you’re trying to do, because everybody is trying to do it. But the both of us have huge mountains to climb. I would be a fool to look past Bobby Lashley, and try thinking about defending a title against any winner, Mr. Money in the Bank, and E, same thing.”

On the UUDD title: “The UpUpUpDownDown Championship and the LeftRightLeftRight Championship is very emotional. We put our hearts and souls into video games. When we lose to the like of Tyler Breeze, Adam Cole, and Cesaro and all those CHUMPS on the LeftRightLeftRight side, it really hurts. You saw the still shots of Xavier and myself, legitimately shocked, and then we have to go about the rest of our day. It just lingers and lingers in my mind. Moreso in Woods’ mind because this is his baby, the UpUpDownDown channel that he created from the ground up, from zero subscribers to over two million, the fastest growing YouTube video game channel in the history of the world. That’s Woods. Now, we have Tyler Breeze as the LeftRightLeftRight Champion is disgusting.”

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