Kofi Kingston Discusses The Criticism Of The New Day’s Rematches With The Usos


During a recent appearance on the “Bleav in Pro Wrestling” podcast, Kofi Kingston commented on the criticism of The New Day’s rematches with The Usos, Big E’s WWE title run, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On criticism of The New Day’s rematches with The Usos: “It’s funny that you say that man, because we laugh about that all the time. I’ve never heard so many people complain about, like, a guaranteed great match. You know what I’m saying? Like, you go out there and complain, ‘Oh I gotta watch another great match!’” Kofi said in jest. “Every match that we’ve had with the Usos, we pride ourselves on making it better than the last. I always say this, and I don’t mean to compare myself to like the Dudley’s and the Hardy’s, and Edge and Christian, but with their ladder matches, that was the standard that they set. To outdo themselves every single time. It’s so easy working with the Usos man. Like, we have the same mentality. No matter where we are on the card, we seek to steal the show, as you saw on Day 1. You’re gonna put us first? OK. Well, you know, we’re gonna try to set the table a little high. You’re gonna need a booster seat to sit up there and eat.”


“You’re blessed when you have an opponent who you jive with, you know? We jive with the Usos so well, on so many different levels. From conceptualizing how to construct the match, all the way into the finish. Everybody has unique ways of just getting in there and then our in-ring chemistry is just chef’s kiss. You know what I’m saying? Top notch. I don’t really like watching many of my matches back, but with the Usos, I always go out of my way to watch it back because we just take a lot of pride in being able to put together matches that are compelling, time and time again. Knock on wood, maybe the next one will be a stinker. I don’t know. I said that, maybe the next one will be a stinker. Then people will have some grounds to complain.”

On Big E’s WWE title run: “I thought he did great. We’re always the biggest critics of ourselves. We’ve always taken pride in holding ourselves to the highest standard. Like, nobody is gonna hold us to a higher standard than we hold ourselves to. We expect nothing but the best of ourselves. Myself, Woods and E, that’s just the way that we roll, you know? So, I wasn’t surprised to see some of the things that he had said about the way things went. He gave what he felt was an honest look at his time, but it makes him that much hungrier. There’s so many things that come with being a champion. There’s so many labels and you take a lot of pride, at least you should, at being able to be the face of the company and put the whole company on your back. You always go out there and you want to have a great match, but to do it with the championship, you realize that this is the stamp of approval from everybody in the industry, right? You were put in this role. You are trusted to be the face of the company. So, again, it’s no surprise that he was that hard on himself.”

“For me in particular, I’m real proud of him and the way that he carried himself as champion. He was able to kind of switch things up, but also not change and stay true to himself. Which a lot of people can’t say. He’s always had the support of the people. You know what I’m saying? He’s always able to go out there and entertain and do things that, as a man that large, he should not physically be able to do. But he goes out there and showcases his athleticism. Every single time he touches the mic, he’s able to move people and make people feel. It’s a lot harder to do, than you would think. There’s a lot of people who can’t, the way E can. So, yeah, I’m super proud of him for being able to fulfill that role and for him to be able to put the company on his back and be the face of the company. And to get that shot and to chase that shot. That’s what he deserved.”

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