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Kofi Kingston & Ivar ‘Heaped’ With Praise For Recent Matches, Note On Ivar’s Future



WWE Superstar Ivar has temporarily switched to singles competition as a result of Erik of The Viking Raiders being sidelined with an injury.

Fightful Select is reporting that Kofi Kingston and Ivar are being lauded backstage for their recent matches on WWE RAW.

The New Day and The Viking Raiders were originally scheduled for a lengthy Best 2-out-of-3 Falls match.

However, instead of nixing the matchup due to Erik’s injury, WWE reportedly booked Kingston vs. Ivar for the duration of the allotted span.

The match marked Ivar’s first singles bout on WWE TV in almost five years, and both Kingston and Ivar were “heaped” with praise.

Ivar has reportedly impressed several officials by not missing a beat in his first singles match in five years.

It was further stated that the “follow-up matches with Xavier Woods and Viking Rules matches with Kofi Kingston also gained praise.”

Ivar’s recent performances as a singles competitor are now keeping WWE open-minded about utilizing him more in a singles capacity.

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