Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston Names Several NXT Stars He’d Like to Face


WWE Champion Kofi Kingston was recently interviewed by WrestlingNewsCo to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Here are the highlights:

NXT moving to USA Network: “I get this question all the time and it’s impossible to pick just one,” Kofi said. “I mean, Velveteen Dream, Tomasso Ciampa, Adam Cole, there’s so much talent down there. I think it’s a really special time. Especially, they’re so good that they’re getting to be on national television now.

“On USA, coming up. It’s going to make them that much better because they’ve had a lot of time to grind, and they are very comfortable being in front of TV. They’ve bult their own brand, so I think it’s going to be great for them. The more exposure, the better. I think the more people that can know about the talent that’s down there.”

His routine before stepping out to perform: “I just kind of walk around. I used to do a lot of push ups and pump myself up; now, it’s just a matter of turning on ‘the switch’,” Kofi said. “I make sure our pancakes our ripe. Our chef, Mr. Bootyworth, he has all the pancakes and he’s individually tests all of them.

“I make sure [Xavier] Woods and [Big] E are alright. I get some orange Tic Tacs that we have at the beginning of the Gorilla Position, throw a bunch of them in my mouth, swirl them around, chew them up, and then walk out there. That’s pretty much it, you know?”

His bond with fellow New Day members Xavier Woods and Big E: “Yeah, [Big E could be WWE Champion] eventually. He’s got a [tag team title] belt right now, you know what I’m saying?” Kofi said.

“He and Woods both [are doing great] – honestly, all of us are already in the Hall of Fame if I’m – not to toot my own horn or whatever, but The New Day, we’ve done so many significant things. E and Woods are incredibly talented individuals that I am so blessed to have been grouped with these guys. To have met these guys in life, to have met such great guys that I call my family.”

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