Kofi Kingston Recalls The “Scariest Night” Of His WWE Career


Kofi Kingston has said that the recent SmackDown which saw Big E suffer a broken neck is easily the “scariest night” of his pro wrestling career.

On the March 11 episode, Big E suffered the injury after taking a suplex from Ridge Holland outside of the ring.


Talking about the incident on the Hot97 podcast, Kofi Kingston detailed that he’s wasn’t aware of Big E’s injury at first:

“It was easily the scariest night of my career. Obviously, the injury didn’t happen to me, but I was inside of the ring. [Big] E went for the spear that he does and he missed it, and he was on the outside there. Then him and Ridge went for that overhead suplex, and I see them go up and it looked a little wonky. I never saw the impact so I didn’t really know. I went over there and I was like, ‘OK, everything looks fine.’ He was down and the match went on.”

Kingston went on to explain how dangerous even the most basic of wrestling moves can be:

“After everything went down, Ref was like, ‘Yeah, I don’t know if he’s okay’ and I said ‘What? What’s going on?’ All of a sudden the paramedics and everything started coming out and it was just really, really scary because it’s a reminder of how quickly things can take a turn for the worst. With everything that we do, every move that we execute, things can take a turn for the worse. There’s always an element of danger to it.”

WWE had planned for the New Day to face Sheamus, Ridge Holland, and Butch at WrestleMania 38.

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