Kofi Kingston Reveals Origin Of His Jamaican Character


Kofi Kingston recently spoke with Music Recall Magazine
about the origin of his Jamaican gimmick and more. Check out the

On being discovered by WWE: “Well, I
actually started training in up in Boston. The Chaotic Training Center was the
name of the facility. And we actually had a tryout up there. At the time I was a
Jamaican guy, I was doing a Jamaican gimmick. And it was very unique and had
never been seen before within the realms of WWE. And they liked what they saw –
that in combination with being a decent athlete and a ridiculously handsome guy.
I mean they just wanted me on their roster. So lo and behold here we

On who came up with his Jamaican character: “It
was something that I came up with on the independent scene. It was funny because
I was kind of just joking around in one of our classes. And then everyone in the
class was like ‘oh, you have to do that, it’s so entertaining.’ So that’s the
route that I went. And like I said I don’t have any regrets about it or anything
because it was what got me noticed. One of the main things about being a WWE
Superstar is having an ability to stand out. We have a lot of different people
on the roster – whether it be your size, your look, your attitude, the way you
talk, your athletic ability – you have to find a way to stand out. And if you’re
able to do that then you do have a shot at being a WWE

On changing up his character: “Well, I
think character development is definitely very important in terms of longevity
in the WWE. The guys who last the longest are the guys who have a roller coaster
of just personality and different stories and where it takes you. I have no idea
what the future holds. I think it would definitely be fun to explore some other
options. But until then, I’ll do whatever the company asks of me and be wherever
they need me to be. Just take it one day at a time and see what happens.”

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