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Kofi Kingston Talks About WWE’s Women Having Their Own Royal Rumble Match and Re-Creating ‘His Spot’


Kofi Kingston and the rest of the New Day recently spoke to Sportskeeda about a multitude of topics.

In the interview, Kofi was asked about how he feels about the women now having the Royal Rumble match and the opportunity to do the Royal Rumble save “spot” that is now synonymous with Kingston.

At first, Kofi joked about not understanding the question, but he would go on to give love to his athletic contemporaries:

“What’s the Royal Rumble spot? Winning? That’s what I’m trying to do. No, I think it’s great, man. I get asked this all the time. Honestly, you’re supposed to stay in the ring. That’s not my thing. That’s everybody’s thing. So, the fact that the women are even having a Royal Rumble is a great thing.
There are so many creative minds in there. So to have the platform to unleash that, I think it’s an amazing thing. I’m not competing with them. I’m just trying to win my own Royal Rumble. I’m not worried about what the other people are doing in their matches. I thought they did an amazing job. They told an awesome story in the ring.”

Big E would chime in and single out Naomi and Kacy Catanzaro’s athleticism being on display in the all-female free-for-all:

“It’s cool to see Naomi set the precedent. I mean it’d be cool to see every year what she does. But now, [Kacy] is so insane… she’s freakishly athletic and agile at the things she’s able to do. Now there’s even competition within the women’s match to stand out and to do something very memorable.”

To read the full interview, where the New Day discuss a potential fourth member, click here.

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