Kofi Kingston Talks Becoming A Dad, Physical Demands, More


Kofi Kingston recently spoke with The Telegraph in Australia, here are the highlights…

On Becoming a Father: “Having your first child can be very scary and you worry that you don’t know what you are doing. But when you have a child there is nothing really like it. We are very blessed and happy.”

On The Physical Demands of Working For WWE: “It is very, very physical and you do get beat up,” he says. “I’ve had torn cartilage in my rib, seven staples in my head, I’ve had surgery on both my elbows and I have to ice my knee all the time or it just swells up. There is a lot of intense training that goes into it – in and out of the ring. You have to maintain a physique, make sure you do cardio…”

On WWE Having an Australian Star: “We have wrestlers from all around the world trying out. We recently had a training camp in Orlando, Florida and we had wrestlers from Bulgaria, France and a host of other countries. So I can’t see why there won’t be an Australian one day.”

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