Kofi Kingston Talks Coming Home to Ghana


In a new interview with ESPN, Kofi Kingston talks about the amazing homecoming he received in Ghana, West Africa. Kofi admitted that sometimes it is hard to realize the actual reach that you have as a WWE Superstar:

“You forget how much of a reach you have being a WWE superstar. We just go out and we do our things in front of the cameras. We know the feed is going somewhere, but you don’t quite have a grasp over how large that audience is. Everybody was pretty much well aware of myself. A lot of people had watched WrestleMania and shared that moment.”

Kofi also once again spoke about the importance of representation for children all across the globe of all ethnicities and orientations:

“Kids who look like me and kids who have gone through the things that I’ve gone through see that it’s actually possible because it happened, as opposed to in theory. So on that level, being able to go back to Ghana and be there and be physical, tangible proof that anybody from anywhere can achieve anything because I was just like one of these kids in these towns at one point in my life. And here I am as WWE champion. It’s only because I believed in myself that I kept pursuing the dream that I wanted.”
“Again, it’s just important to be there in the physical form to look a child in the eyes and shake his hand and have a conversation with him and all of a sudden it becomes real. It becomes real because you felt it, you’ve seen it, you’ve experienced it. So it’s very important for me to go and connect with people on that level.”

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