Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston Talks Failed 2009 Push, His Brotherhood with The New Day


In a new interview with Daily Star, Kofi Kingston opened up about frustration early in his career.

Specifically, he was asked about the initial headliner push he received back in 2009 opposite Randy Orton.

Kofi had a strong showing against Randy in the build-up to a singles match but they never followed through with anything after the one-off match. Here’s what Kofi said regarding that time in his career:

“That was frustrating, as I thought ‘this is it, here we go’ — then it was a stop. Another moment was having a feud with Randy Orton in the main event. We had this awesome battle and a memorable moment at Madison Square Garden. Everybody was on their feet, and I was like ‘here we go’ — and then about a month later it was done, and I was sitting on the sidelines again.”

Fortunately, the cream always rises to the top. In 2015, Kofi was paired up with Xavier Woods and Big E and The New Day was formed. Here’s what Kofi had to say about his brethren and their effect on his career:

“We are going to the grave together. We have actually reserved a single grave for us all to be buried in one coffin at the end. We will never go our separate ways.
“If Big E. or Woods were WWE Champion right now I would support them as much as they have supported me, and they feel the same way. We all work together and when one us achieves the ultimate level of success, we all achieve it.”

You can read the full interview here.

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