Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston Talks Social Media Changing Wrestling, Having More Creative Freedom in WWE


Kofi Kingston talked about his position in WWE and more while doing an interview with Muscle & Fitness for a recent interview. Here are the highlights: 

His spot in WWE: 

“I think that it’s just a matter of being able to go out and have a good performance and then the crowd reacts to you. And then all of a sudden, people will leave you alone to your own devices because they trust you. So we earned that trust with Vince.”

How social media has changed wrestling:

“So this a very special time too, in terms of like, social media, where people have a lot of access to WWE superstars. The ’80s, ’90s, you didn’t have that. You didn’t know what Shawn Michaels did off-camera, you know what I’m saying? There were no cell phones,. there were no pictures, you didn’t know how people partied and went out. But now, you’re in a time where there’s this interaction where you can literally see what the people want.”

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