Kofi Kingston Thinks James Ellsworth Grabbing The Briefcase For Carmella Was A Good Thing


The controversy surrounding James Ellsworth grabbing the Money In The Bank briefcase for Carmella has stirred up quite the conversation among the wrestling world. New Day member, Kofi Kingston, recently joined “Migs vs. The World Of Wrestling Show” and gave his opinion on the controversial outcome of the match.

Here’s an excerpt from that particular portion of the podcast:

Kofi: “Well my take is this: regardless of what happens, like any match that you have, you wanna have people talking, but, having Ellsworth be the guy to grab the briefcase in the first ever women’s Money in the Bank ladder match… At first, at first it’s kinda like jarring, right, because you would expect a woman to do it, but you think about, like, the character that Ellsworth plays, he is Carmella’s pawn.”

“Carmella is the one who has the power in this situation, right? So, for me, it’s like, really empowering that Carmella can command this man to go up there and grab this briefcase and give it to her and now, from a character perspective; number one, you hate Ellsworth and now you hate Carmella for destroying this moment. That’s what WWE is all about, the entertainment aspect and getting you to feel something and this has really struck a chord with the entire WWE universe.”

“It’ll be interesting to see how this whole situation kinda unfolds but, the most important part of that is that everybody is watching it. From that perspective, mission is accomplished, right? Because, if it was just a standard ladder match where, you know, a girl went up and grabbed it, I mean, that would’ve been cool, but not nearly as controversial as it is now. You have so many people with different opinions and I think it’s awesome, that’s really what WWE is all about, to get people reacting.”

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