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NewsKofi Kingston Thinks WWE Has Changed A Lot In The Last Five...

Kofi Kingston Thinks WWE Has Changed A Lot In The Last Five Years



WWE NXT Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston spoke recently about his top five opponents, his run in NXT, and his status as an elder statesman. He also spoke about how WWE has changed for the better in the last five years.

You can read some highlights of his interview with TV Insider’s Scott Fishman below:

Naming his five favorite opponents: “We’ll keep Usos as one. I’ll say the Usos for sure. If you’ve seen our tag matches, then I don’t need to explain it. Dolph Ziggler, he and I joke that back in the day we could have a best-of-500 series. Every match was always fun and incredible. I actually like having matches with Sami Zayn because of the visceral reactions he is able to garner from the crowd. Kevin Owens is actually really good. His skill level is amazing. Our matches are always great. Edge is really good. One of the first for me. When you’re in the ring with him, you just know it’s going to be good because he is an amazing storyteller and competitor.”

Having fun in NXT: “Too much fun. It has been amazing to mix it up with the kids down there. People who are trying to find themselves and their characters. They are in that infancy stage of what they will become. It’s very exciting to help them along. It’s an honor to be down there. It’s an honor to be an NXT champ. We have a big match coming up at Vengeance Day. We plan to be champs for a very long time.”

Sharing his thoughts on Pretty Deadly: “They are awesome. We always joke that they kind of remind us of a young New Day because of their bond, their outfits, and their antics. They are not afraid to try new things and be themselves with full confidence and arrogance. They love to get under people’s skin, which is awesome. You crave that as a WWE superstar. Being able to get a reaction.”

The current backstage atmosphere in WWE: “There is so much change going on [in WWE]. I think a lot of it is for the better. People are willing to help. We realize the industry is dependent on us. Providing information to the people that come after us. That is what we try to do as New Day. We are willing to help teams out. Helping them get established and get them over. We want to make them comfortable. It’s weird to be in that role, but a role I take seriously.”

The New Day are scheduled to defend their NXT Tag Team Championships at the upcoming Vengeance Day NXT special, airing Saturday, February 4th at 8:00 PM EST. The show will stream live on Peacock.

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