Kofi Kingston Tweets On Title Win + Evan Bourne Injury Updat


— Former WWE wrestler Dave Taylor turns 55 today.

— On July 2nd, WWE RAW Supershow will be at the Laredo Energy Arena in Laredo, Texas. Tickets go on sale Saturday, May 12th.

— Moustafa Mohsin sent along the following from the Comic Con expo in Calgary… “I met up with Hacksaw first and he was nicest WWE Legend I’ve ever spoke with. He took a picture and signed an autograph, DiBiase offered me to take a picture with his Million Dollar Title belt for an extra $10 (it’s $20 per autograph). Jake was not nice for some reason. I picked a picture of him and Taker to have signed. He just seemed too rushed. Virgil’s booth was really, really slow.”

Kofi Kingston posted the following last night, after he and R Truth won the WWE Tag Team Titles… “Well hot damn! What do we have here?! @RonKillings and @TrueKofi New Tag Team Champions!!! Yezzir!!”

— Evan Bourne posted the following update on Twitter, regarding recovering from his ankle injury… “6 weeks of antibiotic infusions to kill my bone infection will be done in 90 minutes! One step closer to recovery.”

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