Konnan On The Current Incarnation Of LAX, Rhodes Praises The Way NJPW Values Their IWGP Title


New Japan Pro Wrestling has announced that their New Japan World subscription service is now available on Amazon Fire TV. The company’s announcement notes that New Japan World subscribers can watch via all Fire TV compatible devices.

The app allows subscribers to stream both live and VOD New Japan events.

Cody Rhodes spoke with Sports Illustrated for a new interview, which you can check out at the link provided. Rhodes talks about the value New Japan Pro Wrestling gives to the IWGP World Championship, saying:

“New Japan doesn’t hot potato its world title. It’s very prestigious, and the idea that it’s not been hot potato’d around [helps that prestige]. The champion has had real sporting challenges, and New Japan Pro Wrestling skews heavily toward the sports. That’s what gives it its aura.”

— Konnan spoke with the site at the same like discussing the current incarnation of LAX:

“I picked them [Santana and Ortiz] for a reason. Right now, wrestling is much different than it was in 2006. There is a new style of wrestling. I wanted two young guys that no one had ever seen, much like I did over a decade ago with Homicide, and they’re Latino, from New York and even knew Homicide. I always look at how wrestlers treat people. I know they’re going to treat me good, but how do they treat a waitress in a restaurant? How do they treat fans? Are they only trying to hook up with female fans and ignoring everyone else? I see all that, and these guys are legit. They have really freshened up LAX, we’re like a family, and they want to learn.”

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