Konnan Not A Fan Of The Way Kenny Omega Is Being Used In AEW, Talks Santana/Ortiz


During a recent appearance on Denise Salcedo’s Instinct Culture podcast, Konnan commented on working with Pentagon, Fenix, Santana and Ortiz, how Kenny Omega is being used in AEW, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On working with Pentagon, Fenix, Santana and Ortiz: “Yeah, they’re good … Pentagon and Fenix are incredible as people and as wrestlers. You know how popular they are. And Santana and Ortiz, you know, whole different then. They’re from New York, Nuyoricans, and seeing them grow was so beautiful too. Getting two guys that nobody knew who they were. Same thing with Pentagon and Fenix. When I first met them, they were so desolate I thought they were like kids from the street or something. And so you don’t know if they’re going to be great, good, or how they’re gonna be. But these people that I invested so much time into ended up being somebody. And that’s very fulfilling for me.”

On how Pentagon and Fenix are being used in AEW: “I think that they’re both super-talented, and it’s really weird to me that in AEW I don’t think they’re really being used to the best of their ability. Because whatever they have Pentagon and Fenix doing now … it almost felt like, ‘Okay, we have all these guys. We don’t really have anything for them yet. F**k it, let’s just do something with them all together just to throw them in the ring. And Pentagon and Fenix are on a whole other level, they really are.”

On Santana and Ortiz’s current AEW run: “And same thing with Santana and Ortiz. I personally, I’m not feeling this thing they are doing with the Best Friends, but other people do like it. I don’t. I know they can be used in another capacity. So I would say they haven’t been used to the best of their capacity.”

On how AEW is using Kenny Omega: “But I would also say the same thing about Kenny Omega. Because I’ll tell you what: if you’re a fan, and they tell you ‘Hey, see that guy that’s in AEW that’s supposedly one of the best or the best technical wrestlers in the world.’ He doesn’t really come off like that. Now I am just gonna show you a big difference, it doesn’t mean I am smarter or that I am better, nothing like that, I’m just gonna show you a difference. So when Kenny Omega comes to Mexico, he’s the Triple A Champion. So what we do is, we put him against the best wrestlers in Mexico, whether it’s Dragon Lee who’s incredible… or with Fenix. And we let him go out there [and] tell his story, be a rockstar, do a 30-minute great match with false finishes. And the people react to him and I am not kidding you, like a rockstar.”

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