Konnan Addresses Returning To The Ring


WCW Superstar Konnan is in the midst of a return to the ring. The Mexican wrestling Legend posted the following about his return on Twitter last night:

Ive never been motivated by people who said I couldn’t or shouldn’t do this or the other..Ive always thought I can do whatever I want and for the most part I have..I motivate and push myself….
2019 will be no different…I will leave NOTHING on the table..#theComeback

Regarding his return, K-Dawg said the following to SportBible recently:


About 10 years ago I went to get a hip replacement and when i went in there they found out my kidneys weren’t working. So now a kidney transplant overrode the hip implant because they weren’t going to give me a hip operation until my kidneys were fixed. I went through really some tough times and I had to retire from wrestling. I didn’t retire the way I wanted, to be able to go into the middle of the ring and say goodbye to all the people that helped me and supported me all these years. To the business that’s given me so much. So next year hopefully we’ll start a little world tour, we’ll go over to Mexico and US and UK and Puerto Rico and just say farewell to the fans.

I want to wrestle some of my contemporaries, there’s not that many left. Whether it’s Chris Jericho, whether it’s Rey Mysterio, Psicosis, guys of that ilk. Also guys that I’ve never wrestled, whether it’s Alberto Del Rio or Pentagon and Fenix; two of my boys. My LAX boys, team up with them. There’s a lot of people I’ve never wrestled against. So it’ll be a real pleasure to wrestle against them.

Who would you like to see Konnan compete against in 2019?

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