Konnan Provides An Update On His Health Issues, & More


We reported last week here on eWn that Konnan is dealing with several health issues, including needing a kidney transplant. In addition to that, Konnan recently underwent heart surgery due to COVID complications.

During the latest edition of his “Keepin’ It 100” podcast, Konnan commented on his health issues. He said,

“What happened was, remember the story I told when I took that bump from FTR and I fractured my rib? I fractured my rib and tore my labrum and dislocated my shoulder. I had been having all these pains and I thought it was from the rib injury. I was like, ‘I better not fuck around with this anymore.’ I called my cardiologist and was like, ‘come take a stress test.’ I took a stress test and they said I couldn’t go home because I might have a heart attack. He goes, Wwe’re gonna have to go in there and see what’s up.’ He put a catheter (in) and they said I had a blockage. ‘We don’t know if we need to put a stent or if it’s open heart surgery, but we can’t operate because your kidneys are fucked up. You might have to go on dialysis.’ To make a long story short, they didn’t have to do open heart surgery, it was a stent that they put in, but my kidneys got fucked up by COVID. COVID fucked up my kidneys and heart. Now I have to get a kidney donor again.”

When he was asked how he was feeling, Konnan said,

“I feel like I got a gunshot wound. They put two catheters in me.”

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