Konnan Responds To Kurt Angle’s Recent Twitter Rant


Konnan spoke on a recent podcast about a rant by Kurt Angle directed at him. Konnan has launched his own podcast at MLW.com and in this week’s episode responded to accusations by Angle on Twitter that he lied. Konnan had previously told a story about how Kurt Angle claimed that Vince McMahon sends flowers to Angle every week with a note asking him to return to WWE. When Angle got wind of it he went off on Konnan on the social media site, calling the story a lie.

Konnan said, “All I can say is that it did happen. Obviously, when people are embarrassed or don’t remember, they’re going to refute it. If we can get him on the show one day, I’ll say it to him over the phone. There’s no problem. He did tell me that. He said, ‘Yeah man, Vince McMahon sends me flowers every week hoping for me to come back.’ I was just thinking to myself, yeah right.”

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