Konnan Talks Michael Hayes’ Backstage WWE Heat


Mexico pro wrestling legend Konnan recently spoke about Michael Hayes having heat with several wrestlers and employees in the WWE these days during a recent edition of his MLW Radio show.

Konnan had the following to say about Hayes, including rumors that he may soon be replaced:

“I was a huge Michael Hayes fan, Freebirds fan, when I was growing up, when I used to watch him in Atlanta. Every time I’ve seen Michael, he’s always been very cool with me backstage. But having said that, I will say this, he does have a ton of heat with people. I do know a couple people that told me that if they got fired they would kick his ass before they left the company. And I just found out today that he did get mega heat I guess for having drinks with Rosa [Mendes]. So much so, that he might be replaced. Boom.”

Check out the complete interview online at MLW.com.

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