Konnan & X-Pac Create Kickstarter For Lucha Series


X-Pac and Konnan have teamed with Wrestling Society X’s Kevin Kleinrock to launch a Kickstarter campaign for a new online Lucha series titled Viva L.A. Lucha. They are trying to raise $60,000 by July 2nd for the series, which is “dedicated to creating tomorrow’s stars.”

The Kickstarter lists two goals for the series: to “create an environment where wrestlers who specialize in either the Mexican ‘lucha libre’ form of professional wrestling or the more ‘traditional’/’WWE style’ form can compete with and against each other as a way to become experts in both styles” and “give fans and viewers a unique program that will deliver incredible action and entertainment as tomorrow’s stars are groomed in front of their eyes today.”

You can donate here if you wish.

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