Kota Ibushi Is Interested In Working With WWE


Koti Ibushi became a free agent on February 1st following the expiration of his NJPW contract the day prior.

Ibushi has expressed his interest in potentially working with WWE, but he has also stated that he would not rule out the possibility of working for AEW. Ibushi has noted that he is “good at producing players & created stars” and that he lives “so freely.”


Speaking with Dark Puroresu Flowsion, Ibushi said,

“Of course, I’m interested in it. I’m good at producing players & I’ve created stars, so I don’t think there’s anyone who can control me even in that frame. I live so freely.”

Ibushi has been linked to AEW due to his ties and friendship with Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks, but he doesn’t think he’ll go to AEW immediately. AEW President Tony Khan has discussed potentially working with Ibushi, and the latter’s preference is to become a freelancer and work for every promotion he can.

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