Kurt Angle Appears On Jim Ross’ Podcast And Says He Wants To Return To WWE – Listen To The Audio


– The second part of Kurt
Angle’s appearance on Jim Ross’ Ross Report podcast is online, and you can
listen to it below. Here are some highlights from the interview:

– Angle
says that he’s interested in returning to WWE, but that he is in a difficult
spot due to his current TNA contract because he can’t legally negotiate with WWE
or speak with Vince McMahon, Triple H or Stephanie McMahon about a return. As
such, he doesn’t know how interested WWE might be in him coming back. He did say
that TNA has been good to him but noted that if he waits for his TNA deal to
expire before approaching WWE, he could jeopardize his spot in TNA. He said that
he would like to finish his career in WWE.

– He said that Dixie Carter
and her family have been very good to him and that as much as he wants to help
TNA, he wants to see what WWE offers him.

– When Ross brought up the
Wellness policy, Angle said that a year ago he wouldn’t have passed a WWE
physical as he was abusing alcohol, pain killers and Xanax. He said that he’s
been clean for eleven months and would have no problem passing the company’s
physical. ANgle added that he has read reports about him not being able to pass
the exams but that his health is not an issue, including his recent

– Angle described his previous WWE run as being one where he
messed up a good thing through his substance abuse. He said that McMahon was not
able to trust him as the face of the company no matter how much he wanted to and
while he used to blame Vince for that, he now blames himself. He said that if he
does come back he wants to show those in charge that he’s cleaned up his

– When asked who he would like to work with in WWE, he said he
would like to work with Daniel Bryan, CM Punk (if he ever returns), Cesaro,
Roman Reigns, Rusev and Brock Lesnar.

– He also addressed Punk’s leaving
the company, saying that he respected Punk’s decision but said he didn’t think
Punk should burn his bridges. He added that Punk could become a part-timer like
the Rock and do one-off dates for big paydays, which he should consider down the

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