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Kurt Angle Claims Brock Lesnar Once Asked Him To Get Him A Job In TNA Wrestling


Brock Lesnar once tried to get a job with TNA Wrestling, Kurt Angle has claimed.

In 2004, after an impressive two years with WWE, Lesnar left the promotion and would compete in Japan before joining UFC in 2007.


That same year, Lesnar asked Angle about possibly joining TNA, as the Olympian recalled on this week’s episode of his podcast. He said,

“Brock calls me. He is not in the WWE. He says, ‘Listen, man. Can you get me in TNA?’ I probably shouldn’t even be saying this now. But you know what? Brock doesn’t care. He said, ‘Hey, what are you making?’ And I said what I was making. He said, ‘If you can get me that, I’ll come.’ I approached TNA, and they said, ‘No, we’re not going to give him that kind of money.’”

Angle added that the number of high-profile stars TNA was already paying ensured that there was not enough to bring Lesnar in.

“I think they were at the top of their budget, where they couldn’t really give any more money out. I was making a lot of money. Sting was making a good bit of money, and then you had a bunch of guys on the roster. You know, TNA, the Carter family funded it for a long time, and then TNA started making their own money, but it just wasn’t enough to bring in another guy for seven figures a year. I don’t think they were capable enough to do that.”

After an impressive run in UFC, Lesnar returned to WWE in 2012 where he has become a multi-time WWE Universal Champion.

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