Kurt Angle Comments On A Fan Stealing His Olympic Gold Medal, Styles/Michaels


During the latest edition of his “The Kurt Angle Show”, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle commented on a fan stealing his Olympic gold medal, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On a fan stealing his Olympic gold medal and how he got it back: “When I started, I used my gold medal. I also had about 15 other gold medals. The one real gold medal had green material on it. A few months after I debuted, I was in Baltimore at a show. I went outside, and there were about 5,000 fans waiting there. It was where the wrestlers parked. I put my bag down to sign autographs and my gold medal was in it. One of the fans stole it. I was going to call the police, but I called Vince McMahon instead. Earlier that night, during the show, Stephanie McMahon walked out and someone threw a baseball at her. Vince went to security and said, ‘Find the SOB that did that. I don’t care how much money it takes, tell fans you’ll keep offering money until they say yes.’

“Security was going around asking fans, and they weren’t gonna tell, and it ended up being a really high number and one of the fans said, ‘He did it.’ I was thinking in my mind, Vince could do that for me right now. What I did was I called Vince, but he didn’t answer. I said, ‘Someone stole my gold medal’ and a fan called the fan that stole it and said that bag didn’t have just shirts and merchandise in it, it had Kurt’s real gold medal. The fan brought it back and said he found it around the corner. Long story short, I stopped using my gold medal right then and there. Vince decided to make three duplicates that looked exactly like the gold medal. They weren’t gold, but they were made out of medal. I used those, and two of them got stolen…..there was only one duplicate left by the time I left the WWE.”

On the similarities between AJ Styles and Shawn Michaels: “I think AJ and Shawn both deserve the top honors for being two of the best of all time. AJ – what he was able to produce in TNA and what he’s been able to produce in WWE gives him the right to be up there. The thing is, working both of them and it doesn’t matter how many times I worked with them, they made you look better than you are. When you wrestled them, you had the night off. If you wanted to work extra hard, you could work extra hard, but they did everything for you. AJ and Shawn just had a great psychology, and they were incredible athletes. They laid it out in the ring every single time. They were two of the best I’ve ever wrestled.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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