Kurt Angle Comments On The Fiend & Alexa Bliss Storyline, Chad Gable’s Potential, More


During the latest episode of his “The Kurt Angle Show” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle commented on the storyline with The Fiend and Alexa Bliss, Chad Gable’s potential in the future, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On working with Chad Gable and WWE underutilizing him: “That was the longest match I had in my return in WWE. Chad is a former Olympian just like me, and he’s a technical wrestler just like me. I knew him and I could have an excellent match, even at the level I was at. Chad has been underutilized, and I believe it’s his size, even though the kid is as strong as an ox. You see him do this deadlift German with 300-pounders, and it’s impressive. To do something like that, that’s a talent you want to utilize. He’s the real deal. He might not look that big, but his strength, technique, and ability show in those matches.

“If you put reigns on the kid, he’s not going to succeed, but if you let him go and let him do his thing, he’s going to be a huge star. I just think that someday, they’re going to utilize him correctly. I don’t like the Shorty G thing. He sounds like a little kid or rapper. It doesn’t make sense…..people get injured, main event wrestlers especially because they are putting in the most work. Eventually, he’s going to get called up into a spot and he’s going to blow their minds and they’re gonna keep him in that spot. It’s going to happen eventually.”

On Cedric Alexander getting in trouble with WWE management: “He got in a little trouble last year [2019]. He didn’t do something Vince McMahon wanted him to do. If you don’t listen to your boss, things can get a little depressing for you. He didn’t listen one night and they scolded him for a good half-year before they started using him again, and rightfully so. He should’ve listened. That is his job is to listen to Vince and do what he tells you to do. He didn’t do that. I thought, ‘Wow, this kid’s career is over’ when that happened. Vince eventually gave him another chance, and I think Chad Gable is gonna get that chance.”

On why WWE needs more characters like The Fiend and Alexa Bliss: “I love Bray, he’s a good guy. Got along with him extremely well, very respectful to me. I enjoy The Fiend, and the reason is, we need some gimmicky character. In the company, a lot of the wrestlers have turned into high-flying, technical badasses. Everybody wants to be a badass. Nobody wants to be entertaining, or funny, or have an odd character. Everybody wants to be the cool guy or the cool girl, but there are some really interesting individuals in WWE. The Fiend is one of them. Billie Kay – I love the way she rambles on, she’s just different. They need characters like that. It works extremely well for the company, and it adds another depth to their programming. What Alexa [Bliss] is doing right now while The Fiend is gone – this is good TV. I know a lot of fans may not like it, but they’re gonna be draw to it. It’s really different and really cool.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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