Kurt Angle Comments On X-Division Championship Run, Feud With Jay Lethal In TNA


During the latest edition of his The Kurt Angle Show podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle commented on his time in TNA (Impact Wrestling) as he recalled the time he was the X-Division Champion and a feud he had with Jay Lethal during those times.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


Kurt Angle on his X Division title match with Jay Lethal at TNA No Surrender 2007 and secretly changing the finish of the match: “When I started in TNA, the staple of the company was the X Division. That was the most popular division in the company, and I would have loved to have been a part of it, especially with my style. I had a different style than most of the X Division guys. I think I would’ve added to it and made it more popular. The crazy thing about that match was, Jay Lethal wasn’t supposed to beat me. We got some heat for that match. Now, understand at this particular time, they wanted me to hold all the titles. So I was TNA World Heavyweight Champion, I was IWGP Champion, I was TNA Tag Team Champion – they wanted all the gold around me.

“I felt like, you know what, I want to give back to these guys. I thought, why not put Jay Lethal over in the X Division? I thought it was a great idea, and of course, we got a little heat for it. He didn’t hold that title very long afterward. I didn’t get heat for it, but he did, and it was unfortunate. Beforehand, I told him, ‘Let’s just not say anything. Don’t tell anybody. Let’s just put you over.’ That’s what I did, and I wasn’t supposed to. It was a great match and a great moment. I thought it was awesome and it couldn’t be better. Jay Lethal is such an incredible worker, and I loved working with him. I knew we’d have a great match. I just wanted to put the kid over. I was holding all the gold, and I didn’t need all that gold.”

On Chad Gable’s character transformation in WWE: “I do believe Chad Gable is getting a better push. I wish he could get pushed a little bit more, but I do believe he is becoming more entertaining. I do see similarities between him and myself. I’m really proud of the kid. He’s really come out of his shell, and he’s been able to show that he has the ability to be an entertainer. Not just a wrestler but an overall entertaining. He’s doing it, and he’s succeeding. He’s one of the best [technical wrestlers].”

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