Kurt Angle Reflects On The App He Helped Create To Help Those Who Are Dealing With Addiction


WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle, recently sat down with CW33 to promote the upcoming Great Balls Of Fire PPV in Dallas, TX. During the interview, Angle reflected on the app that he created back in January which helps those who have trouble dealing with addiction.

Here’s what Angle had to say:

“The WWE is excited to bring Great Balls of Fire to Dallas, Texas. It’s a great card, this pay per view is the best line up since WrestleMania.”

“I’m a recovering addict of 4 1/2 years, I went through a lot of turmoil, my life spiraled. I went through rehab and when I got there it was easy to stay clean once you got through detox and withdraw they had structure in there. When you get out, there’s no structure. I wanted to bring structure to the public for people who are struggling. The Angle strong app gives them that structure to remain clean. Get involved because this is going to take over the world and if we’re not careful, this is going to spiral out of control to the point we’re not going to be able to stop it.”

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