Kurt Angle On Which Current WWE Superstars Asked Him For Advice & Talks Today’s In-Ring Action Vs. The 90’s In-Ring Action


WWE Hall Of Famer & current Monday Night RAW GM Kurt Angle, recently spoke with the Dallas Observer regarding; what WWE superstars have asked him for advice & what is the difference between today’s in-ring action, versus the 90’s in-ring action.

Here are the highlights:

Differences Of In-Ring Action:

“When I started, I was taught to begin each match with lots of action. Very few of our matches began with a traditional wrestling hold. The ‘Attitude Era’ was all about the action, it was big move after big move and lots of punches. Today, the wrestlers in the ring tell a better story. The boys and girls in the locker room can really wrestle and there is a great focus on storytelling and ring psychology. It’s sort of back to basics, but I think it’s a better style. The crowds today aren’t as bloodthirsty as they were back then.”

What WWE Superstars Have Asked Him For Advice:

“Well, it’s not only the wrestler’s responsibility but also the writing staff. There are guys today that I love; Sami Zayn and the Fashion Police are a couple examples of guys who approached me for advice on how to improve their characters. It’s about taking chances. Rarely do fans approach me and say, ‘I remember the classic match you had against so-and-so.’ Instead, fans usually say to me, ‘I remember that time you drove a milk truck to the ring or, when you wore a tiny cowboy hat and sang with Stone Cold Steve Austin.’ It’s the moments that the fans love and remember, it goes well beyond just wrestling.”

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