Kurt Angle Discusses The Possibility Of An MMA Fight


Source: Pwtorch

Kurt Angle appeared on MMA Uncensored on Spike TV Thursday night and said that while the answer to whether he’ll ever fight in MMA is “probably no,” he would consider an offer if the money was right.

Angle was asked if he would have a one-off MMA fight like Batista is and said, “I can’t say yes or no. I’m 43. I tried out for the Olympics and I kept getting injured. My body is breaking down. The pro wrestling hasn’t helped me, but it’s probably no. But, if the offer is good enough, you never know.”

Angle also discussed sparring with Brock Lesnar during their WWE days, his often-repeated story about a TUF deal falling through because he wanted more time to prep and more. As to whether he would have joined MMA in the ’90s if he’d known it would blow up, he said, “I was too far into wrestling main-eventing WrestleManias that there was no turning back. The money was in pro wrestling at the time.”

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